Located at 40 KMs distance from Akshardham Temple, Delhi, The Eco-Friendly Adventure Village offers a pretty adventure resort overlooking the beautiful river Hindon sceneries. It features a perfect choice of family vacation, away from city life bringing a break from the day to day routine – a ride – on the tractor, a bullock cart, hands-on pottery, much more … unlimited fun with adventure sports – Zip Line, Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge, Tyre Bridge, Rope Tunnel, Hanging Tyre, Log Bridge, Hanging Planks, Long Planks, Elephant walk, Latto, Gilli Danda, Kanche, Mehndi, Board Games, Tug of war, Puppet Show, DJ, Rain Dance..to name a few, along with fresh food from farm, a feel of village with modern amenities which many of us have longed to experience.
So, planning a birthday party, a friends reunion, a family vacation, corporate event, kitty party, conference, any sort of gathering or just a day out for adventurers. Let Kridha Adventure Village make it a memorable one.