A unique combination of exciting cottages and farmyard, this resort is perfect for a family day picnic spot near Delhi NCR. The Kridha Adventure Village is an ideal outing spot with rich green land which gives the people a nearby connection of nature. The daylight weekend destination has a lot of fun activities and adventurous games. It experiences Hookah, kullad chai under the tapri, bajra khichdi with desi ghee and much more finger-licking Indian food of village life.  

 The resort offers you different types of village activities like bullock cart riding, puppet show, tractor riding and much more. Under daylight, people experience a large number of gaming activities for all age gathering.  Kridha Adventure Village is a perfect picnic spot for exploring the different fun and cultural activities that are basically forgotten by the metropolitan city people. So if you are looking for resorts near Noida, come and join us.

Day picnic spot near Delhi NCR

Kridha Adventure Village as its name indicates offers  a lot of adventurous indoor and outdoor activities. Nowadays, what we miss the most is the old days when we had no stress, no challenge, no worry and no objective in life. Gone are the days when we spent time playing lattoo, sitting in open farms, have chuski of chai with family and chilling out on the same old khaat where we sat and spent time with our grandparents. Picnic and outing with family has always been an affectionate memory for all the youngsters. Kridha Adventure Village offers  you an incredible day trip to a refreshing picnic spot near Delhi NCR with family. You can enjoy homely exercises, village kalbelia dance, and dhol-Tasha. It aims to give its visitors a complete rural experience. So looking for picnic spot near Noida ? Come and experience the fun with KRIDHA ADVENTURE VILLAGE

Outdoor Activities

Burma bridge, Rope Bridge, Tyre bridge, Hanging tyre, Log bridge, Elephant walk, Volleyball, Gilli danda, Gulel shooting, Badminton, Zipline adventure.         


Indoor Activities

Table tennis, carom, board games, chess, Ludo, Playing card, crossword, Tambola, Latto, Kancha, Bird watching, snakes & ladder, Musical chairs, Darting, Hookah.

Rural Activities

Bullock cart ride, Tractor Ride, Village walk, Chulha, Pottery making, Puppet show, Mehndi, Head massage.

kridha adventure village

Book cottages near Delhi NCR

Kridha adventure village, your very own picnic spot near Noida also offers to book cottages near delhi for a comfortable stay in the village cottage, having a garden view,  with all the basic modern day amenities like that of AC, attached bathrooms and much more. The cottages can be pre-booked online for stay. Bachelors, kids, or married couple whoever wishes to book a cottage can do it online. It is a perfect weekend destination with lots of indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Wedding venue

Looking for a  day outing near Delhi NCR or a day outing near Noida ? Here ends your search at Kridha Adventure Village. A perfect rural theme based venue scheduled in five acres of rich green land. It offers an open garden for gathering, any sort of ceremony, pre-wedding shoot, and all other theme occasions.

Kridha adventure village is a top-notch gathering and meeting venue. Rural life experience seekers and adventurous, Fun activities seekers should visit.