Picnic with family is the most relaxing thing and its important too because it makes a bond between all family members even closer. When you are with your family, you want to just forget every single stress and make every memory memorable. And for that, you need to go to the place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones and make  that memorable. So we welcome you to the Kridha Adventure Village, a perfect spot for Family picnic near Noida, where you and your family can have so much fun with the best ethnic Indian delicacies. Everybody desires to have homely and tasty food, fun-filled and adventurous games, well-spent time with nature as well as family. All these requirements can be fulfilled in Kridha Adventure Village, the perfect weekend destination for Family picnic near Delhi NCR. In Kridha Adventure village, you can enjoy the childhood games of gulel, archery, darting, pottery, shooting and much more along with the latest and adventurous rope activities like zip line, Burma bridge, bungee jumping and many more.

So whenever you are planning for a Family picnic near Delhi NCR, do consider KRIDHA. In order to elaborate, we have many indoor and outdoor activities like Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge, Tyre Bridge, Hanging Tire, Log Bridge, Elephant Walk, Volleyball, Gilli Danda, Gulel Shooting Badminton, Zipline Adventure, Bungee Jumping, DJ, Trampoline, Body Zorbing.. And indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Board Games, Chess, Ludo, Playing Card, Crossword, Tambola, Lattoo, Kancha, Bird Watching, Snakes and Ladder, Musical Chairs, Darting, Hookah, Virtual Reality Games, Obstacles Melt Down.. So by this only you can understand why Kridha Adventure Village is the best family picnic spot near Delhi NCR.

And the fun doesn’t end here, our village which is the best place for a day picnic near Noida also offers a bunch of rural activities exclusively on demand for you like Bullock cart ride, Tractor Ride, Village walk, Chulha, Pottery, Puppet show, Mehndi, Head massage. So don’t think much and come to Kridha Adventure Village, the best place for family day picnic near Delhi NCR, and have a great time.