Beautiful views of mother nature, fresh air, friendly people, and calm surroundings – all these things come to our mind when we think about the village. Kridha Adventure Village is all about an Indian
ethnic rural lifestyle experience. Feeling tired with the daily work routine, and really seeking some relief from it. Well Kridha Adventure Village, the perfect destination for family picnic near Noida, offers you everything that can make the gone week just awesome with a beautiful ending. Kridha Adventure Village is the best weekend getaway near Delhi NCR.
“Good food makes a great day.” But if it’s the food with the taste of our rural touch, then the feeling is
different. Yes along with the pleasure of enjoying the family day picnic near Noida at Kridha Adventure Village, one can enjoy the food cooked on chulha. Whether it be makki di roti te sarso da saag with desi ghee or it be bajre ki khichdi, the age old way of cooking with the same authentic taste is a must try for everyone.
Gone are the days when we played Gilli-Danda, Pittho, saap seedi, stapu and other fun games.
But here at Kridha Adventure Village, one feels like living the childhood in the ambience
maintained as the rural setup. Khet ke ganne, mehndi ki khushbu, mitti par charpai aur chai ki

One can book AC cottages and can have many indoor and outdoor games including shoots with
guns and archery. Yes, that's the reason behind Kridha Adventure Village is the best place for a
family day picnic near Noida. Fun with family and friends in a place like Kridha Adventure
Village is one of the best times you can have with them. When we hear some music we start
just dancing even if we don't know how to dance, so why not tapping the foot just in crazy
manner. After all happiness reaches its maximum limit truly when one acts crazy forgetting
everything and everyone. Our DJ is an open stage in the middle of adventure village along with
a Rain Dance corner for even more fun. So come to Kridha Adventure Village for a family picnic

near Noida and take memories full of fun and masti. If you are a rural life enthusiast and fun-seeker than you should visit Kridha Adventure Village. As repeatedly written above, Kridha Adventure Village is the best place for family day picnic in Noida.