Pre Holi Bash - (Past Event Now)

Luxuriate in rainbow tones this Holi at the village style Pre-Festive Bash on the 17th of March at Kridha Adventure Village, Ravali, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh – 40 km from Akshardham. Come party with us and let that Balam pichkari do the talking along with Shyam Sakha Pandit Shrikant Dixit. With herbal Gulal, soften in-mouth desserts and energetic foundation scores, we promise you a bright rang-barse experience. Ensure you get your booking in advance before it’s sold out or Else it May be Exceptionally Extreme for us to Fit you at Kridha Adventure Village For Reservation Call 8700615170/ 9350111631

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Visitor's Review

Sharing a few lines about the Pre Holi Bash held at Kridha Adventure Village on the 17th March 2019.

The guests, old or young, kids or youngsters, staff or performers, all were very super excited due to the festive celebration on the day. Everyone had a beautiful charm to just run and start enjoying the event. The smarter people leaving early to avoid traffic on NH24 reached early, a few took by-lanes and alternative routes and reached on time and others were late as the Mussorie Dhaulana Road was jam-packed and they did not take the alternate routes, poor they. Anyhow, the welcomed guests were given an entry ticket over the counter and greeted by the well-decked staff with flowers, teeka, and colors.

The dance and dhol team welcomed them then and as they all entered, they split. Kids towards rides, ladies towards yummy gol gappe or papri chaat and gents towards rasleela. The kanji wada stall and baraf gola stall were the most liked ones. Rasleela, dance, flowers, and colors were all in the air and on the people. They were almost all just busy playing and dancing in the rasleela enclosure. The Rasleela had its own ethnic touch of our traditional ways of playing Holi. Culture display of festival in full swing. The huts were beautifully decorated. The zip line was like always busy giving full-fledged fun to the people coming for its adventure. The best part was their Rajasthani dressed dancers who were always ready with their dhol to make our foot bump the floor on and off and rock on. The Daily Hunt News staff was also there to cover the Holi bash. On the whole, it was a successful event that day. Yes, not to be missed the dal tadka and the jalebi rocked – A must try. I saw their one of the hut was available for night stay. I am planning to book it next for my family as I am yet to see the bonfire there, seen images on their FB page though. Rain dance along with music is a good thing always to be cherished in summers, so it was a good thing for Pre Holi Bash and I heard now it will always be there…So good luck guys

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